Bonobo plywood bicycle

Bonobo Plywood Bicycle


Forget the budget parts, the color-matched chain/grips/pedal combo which brings back, with a shudder, early memories of our beloved ‘fixie’ craze. Forget the non-driveside shot and even the awkward-looking saddle angle. Kudos to a design and designer who has dared to think outside the triangle, resulting in one of the most successful attempts to reinterpret the classic silhouette.

24 year-old Polish designer Stanisław Płoski studied at the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the National College of Arts and Design in Dublin, Ireland. Somewhere along the line there was obviously a ‘Eureka’ moment, resulting in the Bonobo bent-plywood frame. Bonobo, according to the press kit, is a clever blend of technology and nature. With correct upgrading of components and maybe the supplement of architectural-quality stainless or CNC-machined aluminum joints, possibly a Rohloff hub, Stanisław has created a brand new bicycle that’s sure to cause a stir amongst design toffs.

It certainly takes ‘green transport’ to another level.




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