Meet DTV Shredder! All-Terrain Vehicle On Treads.

Meet DTV Shredder!

BPG Werks, the company started by the talented Ben Gulak has designed a radical all terrain vehicle which combines skateboard decks, a powerful engine and tank-like treads… the DTV Shredder.

The Segway-pummeling vehicle is a combination of a skateboard deck with traditional skateboard trucks, a powerful engine and two tank-threads capable of tearing up any terrain at high speeds; snow, sand, trails, and mountains. Acceleration and braking are controlled by a small handheld remote control and a 4-stroke racing engine powers two tank-style tracks up to a wicked 30 mph.

The consumer-friendly Sport version (which is available for $2500) has a brawnier brother in the works. BPG Werks is currently developing a militarized version of the DTV Shredder with the United States Air Force Academy.

Single soldiers operating the DTV Shredder can cover more ground at an unprecedented efficiency. The DTV Shredder, which can handle any terrain at high speeds, was built as a first response, modular platform to better equip the soldier – especially in crisis situations. It’s low center of gravity and rugged design make it ideal for a wide variety of applications including: reconnaissance, rescue and recovery, mobile surveillance, offensive platform, medical evacuation and rapid response.


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