3-D printer

3-D Printing technology is relatively young, yet, it has entered our lives like a storm and change the way designers, engineers and even artists do their work. Work on projects became a lot more efficient. It has become a lot easier to present a concept to a client by creating a 3-D CAD model and sending it to office 3-D printer. While first model is being printed, designer can work on several more concept variations, then look at them all together and decide which sizes and features meet objectives better. Lower budget 3-D printers have certain limitations as to what they can build and at what resolution and quality. More expensive models can handle very sophisticated and high-precision work and even print multi-color working parts.

At Atus Design we are equipped to build less expensive models and prototypes using lower-end as well as prototypes with high precision and finest detail and surface quality.

Makerbot 3-D printer