Prototyping is part of product development servic offered to clients.


Prototyping tools
Proper evaluation of key design features, ergonomics, aesthetics, weight, size and proportions requires not only review of digital 3D CAD models and preliminary foam mock-up. In many cases only a working prototype can show weak points and provide enough information for improvements. We evaluate each task at hand and either machine and build hand-made prototypes or use rapid prototyping technologies or in many cases we combine both for the best, fastest and most cost-effective result. These are just few services we offer as a scope of our prototyping capabilities:
  • 3-D Printed parts and assembled prototypes
  • Functional mechanical models
  • Hand-made and painted prototypes
  • CNC machined prototypes
  • Stereo-lithography rapid prototyping
  • Silicone molding and liquid resin casting
  • Low volume tool and sample production
Atus Design prototyping samples