Meet DTV Shredder!

BPG Werks, the company started by the talented Ben Gulak has designed a radical all terrain vehicle which combines skateboard decks, a powerful engine and tank-like treads… the DTV Shredder. The Segway-pummeling vehicle is a combination of a skateboard deck with traditional skateboard trucks, a powerful engine and two tank-threads capable of tearing up any terrain […]

Wooden recumbent bike

Electrical Recumbent Bike Driven by Cordless Screwdriver

Electrical Recumbent Bike Driven by Cordless Screwdriver Despite some considerable drawbacks (like safety when riding too low below motorists’ radars), recumbent bikes can be much more comfortable than their upright cousins. That said, we’re intrigued by this cool prototype for an electrical recumbent bike that’s made primarily with bent wood — and is driven with […]

Bonobo plywood bicycle

Bonobo Plywood Bicycle

Bonobo Plywood Bicycle Forget the budget parts, the color-matched chain/grips/pedal combo which brings back, with a shudder, early memories of our beloved ‘fixie’ craze. Forget the non-driveside shot and even the awkward-looking saddle angle. Kudos to a design and designer who has dared to think outside the triangle, resulting in one of the most successful […]